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The Importance of Rock Guide Accreditation

September 3, 2018. Posted by: nelsonday

With increasing public excitement and media exposure in the evolving world of rock climbing, the appeal and interest in becoming an industry professional has escalated correspondingly. Two such paths towards “professional” exist: become a “badass rock star”; become a guide in the service industry. Although not “easy”, the easier and more feasible option in this ...»

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Gumby vs. The Inquisition, bouldering in Joshua Tree National Park

November 9, 2017. Posted by: nelsonday

The Climbing Life Guides recently made a fun video of Nelson Day sending The Inquisition, a V6 inverted off width bouldering problem, in Joshua Tree National Park. The video is here on youtube: The video stars: Nelson as Gumby, Phu Pham as Pokey, Jan Tarculas as Shakin Bacon, the Twerking Pig, and Elizabeth Wyatt ...»

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Rock Climbing Anchors

May 1, 2014. Posted by: nelsonday

As  many of you are probably aware, there recently was a rock climbing related death in Joshua Tree National Park. incidents are quite sobering and completely tragic, and especially so if they could have been avoided. This particular death was attributed to a traditional gear anchor failure. This is unheard of in the climbing community, ...»

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Rock Climbing: The Question

March 19, 2014. Posted by: nelsonday

“Man, that rock climbing route looks so good”. I find myself staring at pictures of a classic rock climbing route on mountainproject, hands starting to sweat, heart beat starting to raise, with a nervous twinge creeping up my spine and a few butterflies trying to find a place to rest in my upper back. I ...»

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Joshua Tree Rock Climbing “Climb Smart” Event

November 8, 2013. Posted by: nelsonday

  On October 19th and 20th, The Climbing Life Guides attended the Climb Smart event in Joshua Tree National Park as a volunteer guide service. I was assigned to teach a Lead Climbing clinic on Saturday at The Sentinel formation in The Real Hidden Valley area at Joshua Tree National Park. The clinic was well ...»

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