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What’s new in Rock climbing in Joshua Tree with The Climbing Life

What’s new this Joshua Tree season with The Climbing Life Guides?

up and over rock climbing adventure

This year, The Climbing Life Guides is offering Up and Over type adventures with our multi-pitch trained rock climbing guides. Yes, all of our guides are trained and ready for multi-pitch and short roping/scrambling type adventures!  These adventures are perfect for those interested in a more extreme version of rock scrambling in Joshua Tree National Park.

Rock scrambling in Joshua Tree

What exactly is scrambling? It doesn’t involve eggs… it is a more vertical form of climbing up formations, and extremely fun! Participants can be guided up two at a time on the same rope. This ensures that participants are kept safe and able to “get back down” after getting to the top of a radical Joshua Tree formation!

Rappelling during a scramble session in Joshua Tree National Park

After summiting a sweet formation, participants can have the option of being belayed on a rappel off of the summit or down climbing with some rope tension/assistance safely back to the bottom of the formation.

So come check out Joshua Tree’s awesome rock formations with one of our incredible and experienced guides! Scrambling up these formations is absolutely the best way to see a lot of the park, and we are all ready for you to come and have an awesome day with us.

October 16, 2017. Posted by: nelsonday