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Joshua Tree
National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is one of my favorite destinations to rock climb. It is the place where I learned how to rock climb, which will forever make it special to me. My very first lead climb was in Joshua Tree on a climb called “The Bong”, a 5.5 crack climb on the Blob

formation. I placed my first cams, jammed my first cracks, and did my first smear on Joshua Tree granite. I still take folks to “The Bong” for a first lead experience when they hire me to teach lead climbing.

There is something magical about Joshua Tree National Park. Something that keeps me motivated, interested and always wanting more. To me, Joshua Tree represents world class cragging, sun and windburned comradery, physical and mental exertion to exhaustion, starry nights

next to a campfire, successes, failures, coyotes at dusk, stillness, and sparkling moonlight on the sand. It will always remain a special and magical destination, and I am very privileged to call Joshua Tree my home.