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The Importance of Rock Guide Accreditation

September 3, 2018. Posted by: nelsonday

With increasing public excitement and media exposure in the evolving world of rock climbing, the appeal and interest in becoming an industry professional has escalated correspondingly. Two such paths towards “professional” exist: become a “badass rock star”; become a guide in the service industry. Although not “easy”, the easier and more feasible option in this ...»

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Gumby vs. The Inquisition, bouldering in Joshua Tree National Park

November 9, 2017. Posted by: nelsonday

The Climbing Life Guides recently made a fun video of Nelson Day sending The Inquisition, a V6 inverted off width bouldering problem, in Joshua Tree National Park. The video is here on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIZTUINUs7Y The video stars: Nelson as Gumby, Phu Pham as Pokey, Jan Tarculas as Shakin Bacon, the Twerking Pig, and Elizabeth Wyatt ...»

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What’s new in Rock climbing in Joshua Tree with The Climbing Life

October 16, 2017. Posted by: nelsonday

What’s new this Joshua Tree season with The Climbing Life Guides? This year, The Climbing Life Guides is offering Up and Over type adventures with our multi-pitch trained rock climbing guides. Yes, all of our guides are trained and ready for multi-pitch and short roping/scrambling type adventures!  These adventures are perfect for those interested in ...»

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New Year’s Intentions Rock and Yoga Joshua Tree Retreat Celebration

December 5, 2016. Posted by: nelsonday

Join The Climbing Life Guides and Wonder Wellness Yoga this New Year’s eve to set New Year’s intentions, practice yoga on a mat out in the beautiful wilderness of Joshua Tree (led by Wonder Wellness’s very own beloved Cassandra Davis), and rock climb (all guiding and equipment provided by The Climbing Life Guides). A raw ...»

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AMGA Rock Guide Exam for Nelson Day

October 20, 2016. Posted by: nelsonday

The Rock Guide Exam is the last and most difficult exam in the AMGA rock program. It also signifies a greatly desired standard in the rock guiding industry. My aspirations and motivations in taking this exam were both personal and professional. On a professional level, the exam was an excellent source of feedback and direct ...»

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Climbing Mt. Conness Southwest Face (Harding Route) car-to-car

August 31, 2016. Posted by: nelsonday

August 30, 2016. The alarm went off at 3:30 AM. Incredibly, I had already been awake for the last 20 minutes; I suppose the anticipation of the alarm in conjunction with an epic day ahead woke me up. I pulled on my R1 hoody, Prana stretch pants, beanie, and socks, rolled over to bid Cass ...»

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Come work with The Climbing Life Guides in Joshua Tree as a guide!

June 21, 2016. Posted by: nelsonday

Would you like to work as a full time guide in Joshua Tree National Park with a 5 star reviewed guiding company? The Climbing Life Guides is hiring one full time rock climbing guide for the upcoming 2016-17 season in Joshua Tree. The season will begin October 1, 2016 and end June 1, 2017. Applicants ...»

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Map to free camping area on BLM land near Joshua Tree National Park

February 1, 2016. Posted by: nelsonday

Address is approximate. Near the address however is a very large dry lake bed. Camping is free and is anywhere you want (not already occupied). There is NOTHING out here (you will need to bring your own water, table, tent, no bathrooms, etc.), but it is dry, free, and spacious. Enjoy!

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Two slings three pieces

November 20, 2015. Posted by: nelsonday

Good video from the AMGA for anchor building Anchor building with two slings and three pieces

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Trip Report: Temple Crag, Dark Star, 5.10c Grade V Alpine

July 6, 2015. Posted by: nelsonday

The alarm went off at 4 AM. I might have already been awake; the tent was at a bit of a tilt, and I had been fighting rolling off/down hill the whole night. Polly and I were camped at the Third Lake outside of Temple Crag. Our objective: Dark Star, a 2,200 vertical foot grade ...»

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