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Guided Rock Climbing for large groups.

Rock climbing helps you and your friends, team or co-workers build bonds that will endure for a long time.

Let your crowd meet ours! We readily guide large parties of 18 or fewer, and match an appropriate number of guides to the number of climbers. 4-hour, 6-hour, and full-day sessions are available!

Even with more numerous parties, The Climbing Life Guides is committed to creating a customized and positive experience for each climber. Members of large groups do get our assurance of safety, detailed instruction, and plenty of opportunity to climb! We’ve guided scouts, students, clubs, friends, reunions… all kinds of folks!

Rates and reservation


We take care good care of everyones needs so all of you get the most fun out of your session.

  • Highest certification in all Joshua Tree
  • All equipment included for everyone!

Rates and reservation

" We did so much, saw so much we never would have done or seen, it was a peak life experience - I say that with no exaggeration. "

Alysia R., New York, NY.

Large Group Rates

If you’re interested in a large group event rock climbing in Joshua Tree, let us know at least two weeks in advance so we can ensure guide support and setup time! Please call us at 760.780.8868 to discuss group size and rates.

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Bring Everyone!

Check out safe, thrilling group fun in a world-class climbing destination. Contact us now to make a reservation. View More.

Rock climbing is more than just a physical exercise. As a group activity, rock climbing can help you and your friends, team or co-workers build bonds that will endure for a long time.

Our rock climbing guides are experienced in working with groups and can help make the experience enjoyable for all, even in groups with different levels of experience in rock climbing. A group session rock climbing in Joshua Tree can will prove enriching to all members of your party.

Rates and Reservations