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The Importance of Rock Guide Accreditation

September 3, 2018. Posted by: nelsonday

With increasing public excitement and media exposure in the evolving world of rock climbing, the appeal and interest in becoming an industry professional has escalated correspondingly. Two such paths towards “professional” exist: become a “badass rock star”; become a guide in the service industry. Although not “easy”, the easier and more feasible option in this ...»

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Successes and Failures Rock Climbing at The Incredible Hulk

July 18, 2014. Posted by: nelsonday

My favorite alpine partner, Polly (who is also my sister) and I had been planning a return to The Incredible Hulk since our last visit a year ago. We had some unfinished business with the route Positive Vibrations, as well as some new business to attend to on a couple other routes. For those who ...»

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Guiding in Suicide Rock for FYJ (University of Redlands)

August 30, 2013. Posted by: nelsonday

On August 22nd, I assisted Becky Lyons and Jay Harcum in a guiding extravaganza at Suicide Rock near the town of Idyllwild, CA. The clientele included University of Redlands students on their First Year Journey trip, as well as trip leaders, Mary and Jesse. The purpose of the trip was simple: give some first year ...»

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