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Rock climbing - Self Rescue Course.

Learn potentially life-saving skills to build your confidence and address tough situations from experienced rock climbing guides.

“Self-rescue” refers to a set of climbing and rope skills useful in creating solutions to difficult situations you may encounter while climbing. Some of these skills include: escaping the belay, assistance techniques (3-1 pulley systems for assisting and hauling a partner), using the munter mule as a rescue knot. Every serious climber should consider devoting some effort to learning self-rescue. The life you save could be your own (or your partner’s)!

Although we cover certain mandatory elements in this course, we put your experience first to meet you where you are.

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We make sure you get all you need to focus on learning these important skills.

  • A small instructor/student ratio
  • Accelerated learning
  • All equipment included
  • Highest-level guiding certification in Joshua Tree

Rates and reservation

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You’ll learn a whole new side of rock climbing as we teach and model the physical, mental, and technical skills to handle tough situations successfully.

Climbing can be risky. Be Ready!

The Self-rescue course is a great investment in your rock climbing confidence and safety. Learn from the best….

The Climbing Life Guides’ founder and head guide, Nelson Day, currently holds the highest-level guiding certification of all the rock climbing guides in Joshua Tree. He successfully completed an extremely rigorous and comprehensive guiding program to obtain the AMGA Rock Guide certification, making him more than qualified to get you ready for self-rescue.

We provide all necessary equipment for this course. We’ll show you what you need for self-rescue, how to use it, and where to find it.

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