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Guided Rock Climbing for Individuals, Pairs and Small Groups.

For an unforgettable experience, confidently enjoy rock climbing in Joshua Tree.

There’s no better way to experience Joshua Tree National Park than by taking part in a guided rock climbing session on its unique rock formations. The experienced rock climbing guides from The Climbing Life Guides can help those looking for individual guided rock climbing sessions as well as group rock climbing sessions in Joshua Tree. We have the highest certified climbing guides in Joshua Tree and will use our in-depth knowledge of the area to ensure you have the time of your life during your climb.

Regardless of whether you choose to go on a solo adventure with an individual guided rock climbing session or bring friends along for a guided group rock climbing session, The Climbing Life Guides has you covered. We can provide you with a 4 or 6-hour guided rock climbing session if you’re still new to the world of rock climbing, or allow you to enjoy a more technical experience with an 8-hour session. The choice is yours. You can customize your individual or group rock climbing sessions to make sure you get the most out of them.

The guides at The Climbing Life Guides also specialize in working closely with indoor climbers who want to take their talents outdoors in Joshua Tree. Our popular “from gym to crag” classes are perfect for anyone that wants to go from climbing inside to climbing outside during an individual guided rock climbing session. We can also extend this same service to pairs and small groups who are interested in learning more about moving from indoor climbing to outdoor climbing.

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Are you an indoor climber? Ask for our popular “from gym to crag” unique session and take your skills into the great outdoors!

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We take care of all your needs so you get the most out of your session.

  • Highest rock climbing guide certification in Joshua Tree
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  • Custom climbing experiences at your request
  • Personalized Guidance

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"These guys make an effort to meet you where you are on the formation. They are lively and full of empathy, knowledge and humor. You can count on it! "

Jean D., Hinsdale, IL.


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Every climber is different, and we pride ourselves on the personal touch we bring to your experience.

Let us craft a customized rock climbing experience for you!

A unique activity in a unique setting that just so happens to be a world-class climbing destination -- that’s what we provide! View More.

While we’re dedicated to safety and good practice, we’re also super flexible. What kind of experience do you want to have out there? Let us know what you’re after, and we’ll do our best to provide it for you.

If you are new to rock climbing and are interested in a “rock climb all day” session, an 8-hour rock climbing session in Joshua Tree by yourself may be a little too much to absorb. Instead, come with us for a 4 or 6 hour session.

However, if you feel you are ready for a full day of rock climbing in Joshua Tree, want to experience a larger portion of Joshua Tree National Park, or are interested in technical rock climbing training, by all means book an 8-hour rock climbing guided session with us! We will keep the rock climbing and technical information coming! An 8-hour rock climbing session is perfect for technical training or guided rock climbing in multiple areas. Many use this time to learn rock climbing technical skills for the first half of the day and practice those rock climbing technical skills in the afternoon.

If you have tried rock climbing in the past and have fallen in love with the sport (completely understandable), an 8-hour rock climbing session is highly recommended! Our rock climbing guides love to teach beginner/advanced lead rock climbing, lead climber belaying, rock climbing gear placement techniques, rock climbing anchor building, rappelling from the top of a climb, rock climbing anchor cleaning, and rock climbing techniques (hand jamming, foot jamming, flagging, movement efficiency, breaking that mental block that keeps you from sending, how to trust your gear, how to assess lead falls and proper falling techniques).

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