What to Bring | The Climbing Life Guides

What to bring to Joshua Tree on your guided rock climbing trip.

*Due to changing weather in Joshua Tree, we recommend being prepared for all conditions. Bringing and wearing layers of clothing suitable for changing conditions is highly recommended. For example, a tee shirt, a base layer and a wind/warm jacket are advisable during winter months. Temperatures often change by 30 degrees between sunrise and noon!

The following gear is recommended for client comfort and convenience during guided rock climbing activities in Joshua Tree National Park:

  1. Day Pack
  2. Water (a canteen or a hydration reservoir). A half-gallon (2 liters) per person per day is the minimum capacity needed. There is no water inside Joshua Tree National Park!
  3. Snacks and a lunch
  4. Long sleeve shirt (base layer)
  5. Tee shirt (worn under your base layer)
  6. A beanie if it's cold
  7. Warm jacket (or a wind jacket)
  8. Shorts if the weather forecast is hot (long enough to cover your knees is a good)
  9. Pants (loose is better)
  10. Comfortable shoes for hiking
  11. Sunglasses
  12. Warm hat
  13. Ball cap or brimmed hat
  14. Necessary medications (if you are severely allergic to bee stings, please bring an EpiPen, albuterol for asthma, etc.)
  15. Personal toiletries (sunscreen, chapstick, etc.)
  16. Camera